Tuesday, September 30, 2003


"Hand over your ward and no-one will be hurt. If you resist it shall be a waste of your life."

This is the line spoken by Sarevok at the start of Baldur's Gate, when you realise just how much trouble your character is in. It's also an indication of how Baldur's Gate will take over your life if you let it.

Baldur's Gate is a game of simple pleasures - character creation and customisation, exploration, adventure, magic, hitting kobolds with big swords,... I've been playing this game for roughly 20 hours over the weekend and the few days either side, finally settling down with a new character, rather than engaging in an automated dice rolling orgy of character creation (as is my usual wont on a Friday night).

I'm playing a Half-Elf Fighter-Druid called Gillian at the moment, and she's quite a good character, since she has a major flaw for a front-line fighter - a rather low constitution, so whilst she can really deal out major damage in combat, she can't stick in the thick of it for too long, which means you've got to really make the most of your party and apply proper combat tactics.

I've been really taking my time, and exploring the whole map before opening up Cloakwood, so she's now up to Level 5 Fighter/Level 5 Druid, which is getting towards being a pretty potent multi-class. Hopefully I'll be able to make it past the return to Candlekeep this time (I got stuck in the Catacombs last time through) and complete the game, before either importing the character into BGII or trying the Single Player Challenge - playing BG without a party. Apparently it can be done, so I might give it a go - probably as a dual/multi-class Fighter-Thief or Fighter-Mage, or perhaps a Fighter-Cleric.

This game might be old, but it's a good-un.

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