Thursday, September 18, 2003


What is George W. Bush on? No, Saddam Hussein wasn't behind 9/11. Yes, he had al-Qaida links.

I'm sorry? Just because an al-Qaida operative was captured in Baghdad doesn't automatically mean that Hussein's regime automatically had al-Qaida links. Al-Qaida operatives have been caught in Britain - does that mean Tony Blair is in Osama bin Laden's payroll? Get a fucking grip, man. As far as we know publically, Iraq didn't have an al-Qaida presence until *after* we invaded it. So it's been more of a War For More Terror rather than a war *on it*.

Blix Blitz

Former head of the UN Weapons Inspectorate, Hans Blix says that the Government overstretched it's case for war in Iraq, and that they probably destroyed all their Weapons of Mass Destruction years ago after the first Gulf War. His team of weapons inspectors searched Iraq for 5 months before the war. The US and UK teams have been searching Iraq for a further five months after the way, and what has been found, after nearly a year's worth of frenzied WMD hunting? Sweet FUCK ALL.

So, Tony, what's happened to all these weapons you were 100% sure were there, eh? Where's your justification? How much money are you pissing away in Iraq that could be spend building hospitals, schools and giving our public servants a decent wage? Billions? TENS of billions? How many soldiers need to die before you realise the US suckered you into a war that didn't need to be fought?

If you had a shred of decency, you'd come clean to the public and tender your resignation. Not that I expect you will. You'll let Geoff Hoon get crucified at the Hutton Inquiry and blame the Intelligence services for giving you bad intel. Just don't expect me to vote for you at the next election.

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