Friday, August 01, 2003


Today will probably be my last update for about 3 weeks, as I'm sodding off to Portugal for a fortnight to get skin cancer get some sun.

It's been an unusually quite week this week. Since we've not got much work on, and since I'm on holiday as of 5pm tonight, I haven't been given much to do, so I've actually had the time to do a little downloadable training. I'm doing a Java course at the moment, desperately trying to increase my skill set, but these download courses are no real substitute for real hands on training. I really ought to lay my grubby mitts on a Java compiler, though trying to find one a server with a nice fat pipe to download from is proving troublesome. The Sun JDK on their official site will only download at 2k a second, which would take about 10 hours, and I'm on a 16Mbps connection! Fucking useless.

Java seems like a fairly simple language, though I've not got so far in yet to the point where I'm writing applets or anything. Regardless, it seems like a fairly decent skill to have so I might finish the course off over my holiday, after I get back from Porto. That's if I'll have time between doing a little DIY and a lot of catchup gaming.

As usual, I'm dividing my gaming time up between quite a few things at the moment. I'm still enjoying Vice City - as I've got to the point where I can buy property now, and I'm taking my time to buy up all the businesses and do all the optional missions. I'm also replaying Neverwinter Nights again, and I dug out my old Fighter-Rogue, and I'm finally into Chapter Three. The Single Player campaign isn't fantastic, but it's pretty absorbing, and I'm still enjoying gawping at the engine. I'm determined to actually getting around to finishing it this time, since I've just bought the expansion pack, Shadows of Unpronounceablyridiculous.

I also installed the CivIII GOTYE demo last night. I did have this when it came out, but after I installed my GF4 Ti4600, it wouldn't work, no matter how much I patched it, so I gave my copy to one of Fleur's cousins. I played it for an hour or two, but it bloody crashed, just when things were starting to get interesting. I may pick it up again, if I can find it cheap enough, because Civ is one of my favourite games.

Oh well, I'd better get back to this enthralling Java course. See you in three weeks.

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