Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I was going to post about my holiday today - but there's been a change of plan. i.e. I forgot to bring in the disk with all my holiday photos on it, so I could FTP them to my webspace. So here's a picture of my videogames collection instead.

Of course, this isn't my complete collection - this is just the stuff I have that's in DVD boxes. There's another 30 or so games sitting under my desk in a CD rack. (And my Vice City box is sat onto of my tower case, because it comes out to play so frequently.) But you get the idea. When I look closely at this picture, it's slightly depressing just how few of these games I've actually completed. Particularly considering just how many hours I've sank into them. Actually, scratch that. It's depressing how many of these games I've barely touched. There's at least a dozen titles in that box who've only been played for an hour or two each. I really need to get back to them more.

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