Thursday, July 24, 2003


My shadowy paymasters have been doing a better job than usual of keeping me busy at work, hence I've not found the time to update for the best part of a week. I've actually been working on two projects, dividing my time between technical support on my usual project, and reviewing test scripts for another project in preparation for their factory acceptance tests. Naturally, I can't tell you anything about the work I'm doing, since it's all protectively marked, and I've actually got "SECRET UK EYES ONLY" material sitting on my desk, which doesn't happen to everyone everyday. It's interesting work, and doubly interesting to get involved with a project that I wouldn't otherwise know a single thing about (since I'm not exactly on a need-to-know basis).

I'll leave you tantalised, but unfulfilled, and talk about something else now.

There have been serious developments in Iraq this week. After all the clamouring the Coalition made about showing dead bodies on TV breaking the Geneva Convention, now they're going to show the bodies of Uday and Qusay Hussein, after a serious case of overkill. To capture 4 men, only armed with AK-47s, instead of using Special Forces, stun grenades and tear gas, instead, they use 200 troops, and 10 anti-tank TOW missiles, and take no prisoners, killing all the occupants of their hideout, including a 14 year old boy.

Whatever happened to justice? Two of the biggest figures in the old regime, and perhaps the only people who could give definitive answers to the WMD question, needlessly killed. If this is "American Justice" we should all start worrying. There was no need to kill them, or use such force - there wasn't even an attempt to take them alive for trial, just go in there and kill the bastards. Sure, they were murderous bastards, but so were all the Nazi's at the Nuremburg trials, and we made sure they lived long enough to see an international court of law.

It seems that Bush has succeeded with the sons where he failed with the father, after several botched assassination attempts during the conflict. I don't think that Bush ever wanted to make Hussein's regime accountable for the undeniable atrocities they commited against the Iraqi people - he just wanted them out, or dead, so that the oil could flow again. This is arguably fair enough, if it weren't for the fact that it was being paid for in taxpayer's money (an estimated £5 billion so far and counting for the UK - TEN TIMES that for the US) and also being paid for in the blood of US and UK servicemen. Nearly four months on the ground in Iraq, no WMDs found, around 40 US soldiers dead *after* the official end of hostilities, and yet the threat of terrorism or WMD proliferation hasn't reduced.

Oh, breaking news: Here we are; the gruesome evidence itself. Doesn't much look like them to me. I suspect these photos will "prove" their deaths just as much as our Intelligence "proved" that Iraq had WMDs.

Whatever's really the case, whatever's really the truth - either way, it stinks.

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