Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Shadows Of Amn

I'm rather torn at the moment, as I have three truly exceptional games vying for my attention - GTA: Vice City, The Cassandra Project and Baldur's Gate 2. At the moment, BG2 is winning.

I really don't know why, either - it's not like I'm progressing that far in the game, because I keep creating new characters and restarting. I just love the character creation process, experimenting with dual-classing, multi-classing and the character kits.

I'm a couple of days into the game with a Cavalier (Paladin kit) character - missile weapons are for pansies! - and doing rather well with +++ in Two Weapon Style an ++ in Long Sword, since I've got the Blade Of Roses + 3 and a Sword of Flame + 1 to dual wield. I've gone for my usual party: Minsc, Yoshimo, Jaheira, Viconia and Aerie, to keep all the romantic options open, though I think I'm going to do the Viconia romance this time. Goody two shoes Paladin falls for Evil Drow Cleric.


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