Thursday, July 03, 2003


Baldur's Gate 2 is like a tube of Pringles. Seriously. Once you pop, you can't stop. I created another two characters last night. I take it back. BGII's not like Pringles. It's more like a crack cocaine addiction.

My favourite character class has always been the Ranger, and I recreated my original Thrawn character again, albeit with slightly different stats. If I can get all numeric for a moment, this is the new incarnation of Thrawn; Chaotic Good Elf - Str: 18/94, Dex: 19, Con:14, Int: 10, Wis:17, Cha: 15 with ++ in Long Sword, ++ in Long Bow, + in Axe and +++ in Two Weapon Style.

I decided to sacrifice a couple of points of Constitution in order to get the higher Wisdom, which should hopefully give me a few bonus Priest spells, and a fairly high "natural" Charisma, so that I still get reaction bonuses and can lead the party effectively without having to sacrifice a Hand slot on the Ring Of Human Interaction, leaving it free for a more useful ring. I'm not sure which romance to pursue, though I dare say it'll probably be Jaheira, as that's the most complex and involving one.

All this AD&D is kind of inspiring me to write a short story, though I've not quite settled on a firm story yet. I've got a couple of good ideas though, a twist on the traditional Dungeons & Dragons fare. If you actually remember the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, I want to almost turn it on it's head - i.e. a group of friends getting miraculously and mysteriously transported to the AD&D universe, but at least one of the characters not wanting to go back, whilst the rest of them do. It should create plenty of scope for a bit of internal party tension, people at odds with the leader and potential rifts. A bit like the Conservative party, really. I think I should call the main character Duncan. Arf.

I'll probably never actually get around to doing it, natch. I have at least five really good concepts and premises for novels knocking about in my head - I just don't have enough time to devote to actually getting it all down. Writing is such a time consuming endeavour,...

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