Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Less talk, more write!

I decided to shake up State a little yesterday. State is an odd community - it oozes intelligence and passion for videogames, yet whilst it promises much, it consistently fails to deliver. Perhaps it's the lack of Oskar's all-pervasive influence and enthusiasm, perhaps it's because everyone talks a good game, but can't actually play it.

So I decided that it was time to take the place by the balls and give everyone enough rope to hang themselves. There can be no more excuses, because if people want to write for State, they now have the means. I've given practically every forum user site writer access, so if they want to write, now they have their outlet.

Well, they will when Aanand has fixed the PHP for the article submission wizard, anyway. However, when it's fixed, people have no right to moan about lack of content, because they should be the ones writing it! It's a massively ambitious and risky thing to do, opening the site up to over 140 people, but I've made it very clear that anyone abusing the system will be trampled upon with my Big Boots Of Modly Smiting.

Hopefully this will inspire people to write, and if it doesn't, then State is nothing more than a forum full of lily-livered intellectual blowhards. I've given the forum a mouthpiece - it's up to them to use it. Time to find out whenever everyone wants State to succeed, or whenever they just like whinging when nothing ever happens.

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