Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Paranoia and Obfuscation

Robin Cook's replacement as Leader Of The House, John Reid has blamed "rogue elements" within the Intelligence community for the recent media reports that Downing Street "sexed up" the Iraqi WMD reports to justify the war, in the single most eyebrow raising statement I've ever read. The Plot has been lost. Reid's claims are clearly preposterous, and little more than a diversion and a smokescreen, and worse, if they aren't - it implies major distrust and intrigue between the government and the civil service - it implies the government has lost the civil service's confidence and is no longer in control. Either possibility has grave implications.

Tony Blair, desperately wants this to go away, and is refusing to allow a public inquiry into the whole affair, preferring to keep it behind the closed doors of Parliament. Ironically, much of the media, who rabidly backed Blair's call to arms, are now turning around in the realisation that they may have been had. And there's nothing more dangerous than a journo who thinks they've been suckered and taken for a ride. This is going to run and run, and much as though I'm loathed to agree with Iain Duncan Smith with anything, he's right in saying that the government's and Blair's credibility is now on the line.

Blair's refusal of a public inquiry is damaging - it looks like he's got something to hide, despite his "100% confidence" that WMD will be found in Iraq. Tony, if I didn't believe you about Iraq in January, I *certainly* don't believe you now.

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