Thursday, June 19, 2003


I was working until 2.45am this morning finishing off my Professions Case for Entry Level Certification, taking a weight off my back that has been nagging me for over a year. I'm absolutely shattered, but hey, it's worth it, because getting this professions case signed off and reviewed is the first step to a pay-rise - which is as badly needed as it is overdue. I don't normally find writing a chore or difficult, but trying to sit down and write this case has been an absolute nightmare. Just looking at the document template gave me such a bad case of writer's block it's unbelievable.

I only got it done because I had my second quarter review with my manager, and I couldn't face another 1-2-1 without having it ready for review, since it's already about a year overdue. As Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes would say, the best inspiration sometimes is last minute panic, and enforcing a cast-iron deadline by telling my manager that it was ready for review on the 1-2-1 agenda sheet made me sit down and hammer out the last few niggling sections that I'd been finding so hard to write. Now I can relax, and just sit back and wait, and get my evenings back to playing games and watching films.

The launch of the new State has been remarkably smooth and trouble free, barring a minor incident where a moron decided to post crap in the News folder (and hence got posted on the public site). It didn't stay up there long - I held true to my word that anyone abusing the News system would get trampled on in the most vicious manner possible - I deleted the post, gagged and banned the user, deleted all his posts on the forum, burning his IP in the process. The charred carcass of 1234abcd will be hung at State's Gates as an example to all who would enter. Trolls will be exterminated.

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