Tuesday, May 06, 2003

Almost Like A Monday

I think today has been one of the most spectacularly unproductive days I've had in months, and none of it has been my fault. One of the power generators needed emergency repairs on Friday, necessitating a complete power shutdown in the building, so we had to turn off all the network servers and the database server we do all our work on. So, this morning, we come in and power everything up, only to find that not all of the network switches have come back up correctly, and I can't log into the network, and have absolutely no access to the file or database servers. Meaning that I can't do any work. At all.

We sort out this problem around 11 o'clock, only for the database server to start playing up - going so far as having one of it's CPU's fail. (Bloody shoddy SGI kit, can't even handle a power cycle correctly) So we have to take the server down to do some diagnostics, meaning that I can't do any work. At all. Fantastic.

We get the server back up and running around 2pm, and I can finally sort out this bloody bit of SQL that was driving me nuts on Friday. Shock, horror, not only do I manage to get it working, but I also manage to win only my 5th eBay auction, with some frantic last minute bidding, for a box of over 600 assorted roulette chips, which I'll be able to use in poker games and practice my chip shuffling skills. I'll have to dig out the chequebook.

Right, I'm going to pick up Fleur and hit Sainsbury's - there's nothing in the fridge and I'm hungry. We've got some serious shopping to do!

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