Thursday, May 01, 2003

All News Is Bad News

On my daily trawl of the BBC News website, and I find this. So, the "experts" at the Department Of Food Environment and Rural Affairs think that hiking up fuel prices and increasing road tax to £600 a year will cut pollution, do they? No fucking shit, Sherlock, no fucker will be able to afford to drive anymore!

As if that wasn't enough to worry about there's this. It seems like just about everything reduces male fertility these days. Oh well, it's not like I wanted to have kids anyway.

Add to that a coach plunging into a reservoir in South Africa, a devestating earthquake in Turkey and a concerted effort to derail the Middle East Peace process by both the Israelis today and an apparent British suicide bomber blowing himself and three other people up yesterday, it all adds up to a depressing news day.

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