Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Real Deal

I watched the Champions League Quarter Final first leg between Manchester United and Real Madrid last night. Real were simply awesome and made Manchester United look like a third division side - it was a truly enthralling match. Real could almost certainly take on any International team and beat them - Zidane and Figo were absolutely sublime last night, and Raul's finishing was lethal - 2 goals from 3 chances. I can't wait to see the second leg in a fortnight.

Ba'ath: The crumbliest, flakiest regime in the world?

Incredible news from Baghdad today. It looks like Baghdad is nominally under Coalition control - a quite astounding prospect. I don't think we can call the war over yet - not until we have definitive proof on the fate of Saddam Hussein - but to take Baghdad in just three weeks is a mind-boggling achievement for the US armed forces. "Shock and awe" is pretty much what I'm feeling now. I'm relieved that there wasn't a prolonged battle for Baghdad, but I can't help thinking that this isn't quite over yet. What has happened to Saddam Hussein and his sons? What has happened to the Fedayeen and the Special Republican Guard? Will they continue to fight? Will they bid their time and wait until everything has died down and run a guerilla and terrorist campaign against any American-led administration?

So many unanswered questions and uncertainties - only time will answer them.

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