Friday, April 25, 2003

The Not So Beautiful Game

Seeing as I'm from the White and Green half of Glasgow, I naturally watched Celtic take on Boavista in the second leg of the UEFA Cup Semi-Final last night. I wasn't expecting the game to live up to the match on Wednesday night, but bugger me, the match was dire. Utterly, UTTERLY dire. Boavista stuck nine men behind the ball and defended all night, trying to kill the game and scrape through on the away goals rule. Mercifully, good old Henrik Larsson stuck one in with about 15 minutes left in the game, with a brilliant piece of skill - how he got the ball out from under his feet I've no idea. Class player, class finish. Celtic deserved to go through, simply because Boavista were so negative and made no effort to go out and win the game. Serves them right. Hopefully the final against Porto will be a bit more open Celtic can show off a bit more of their attacking flair. Anyway, Dad will be pleased.

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