Monday, April 07, 2003


I typed up a 1000 word odd blow-by-blow account of what I did at the weekend, and Blogger ate it, because my internet connection is absolutely shite today. I can't be arsed to type it all again, so you're going to get the short version.

Both my gambling predictions were correct - Chives got pulled up after about 10 fences in the National, and Blowing Wind wasn't quite wind powered enough and trailed in 8th. The poker night was storming - really good fun - Fleur lost the £10 I fronted her, but she played really well, and lasted until midnight. I started really, REALLY badly - embarassingly badly, in fact, as I was down to about £3 by 11pm, and it looked like I was going to be first out, but I staged a masterful recovery, thanks to an Ace-high flush with which I absolutely murdered Iain P, and pretty much put him out of the running. I also creamed everyone with a 9-high straight, when everyone else was looking for trips or two-pairs, which put me up to my highest marker of the night, nearly £25. I was still holding my own, with Iain P and Fleur out of the game and Anne (Iain P's other half) about to follow suit, when we realised it was 3am and Fleur was about to drop. I ended up cashing out with £20, so I'd doubled my initial stake, and made back what Fleur had lost to come out of the night even - so that's got to be a moral victory.

Tim ended up taking the rest of the pot - after a showdown with Martin - around 5am Saturday morning, his "get pissed and bet lots and lots of money" strategy working a treat.

Great fun, but we'll have to start off a bit earlier next time, and keep Tim away from the Single Malt,.....

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