Monday, April 28, 2003

Global Conspiracy

Someone doesn't want me to complete Deus Ex. When I got to the last level on my last PC, my hard drive failed, and now, on my current PC, I'm approaching the end-game, in the Ocean Lab level, and guess what? My PC decides that it's going to start throwing inexplicable wobblers. I boot up my PC, it's fine for about 3 minutes, and then - woof - the screen goes black, and the D: drive busy light comes on, and the PC's just totally dead. I turn the machine off, turn it back on again, and the screen stays black and the D: drive is still busy. Nothing happening at all. I leave the PC for half and hour or so, try it again, and the machine boots up, it's fine for about 3 minutes and the same thing happens again!

I turn the machine off, wait, turn it back on again, reboot from CD and reinstall Windows. It works fine, and doesn't crash out. I do a Thorough Scandisk (4 hours) and a defrag (3 hours) of the hard disk - which all runs fine, and says that the Scandisk has fixed a minor problem with the boot sector of the C: drive, I do a virus scan and an Ad-Aware scan, which finds nothings, and I think all's well and good, so I turn the machine off for the night and try it again on Sunday. Hey presto! We're back to square one as it bombs out within 3 minutes. Not happy. Any thoughts as to what's wrong would be welcome.

So, games-rig-less, I install Deus Ex on the laptop instead, which runs it fine, all things considered, at a fairly spanky 800x600, and start AGAIN from scratch (with no patch, so there's no skill point cheating at character creation). After some fairly solid gaming I'm back in Hong Kong, with a nice little skill-set (Pistol & Computer at Advanced, Rifle, Lockpicking & Electronics at Trained) and an inventory packed to the gills with weaponry (Mini-crossbow, Stealth Pistol, Assault Rifle, Assault Shotgun, GEP gun and Sniper Rifle) and practically a full complement of lockpicks, multitools and biocells. Sweet.

I went swimming on Sunday for the first time in ages, and really enjoyed it. Swimming doesn't really feel like exercise - not like going to the gym does. It's not a chore, it's getting healthy enjoyably. I over-did it, natch, and pulled something in the back of my left knee (I hope it's not a ligament) and can now barely walk. Still, I'll be swimming a lot more in the future. I'd forgotten just how good it feels.

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