Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Deuces and One Eyed Jacks Wild

The guys at work are having a poker night on Friday, so I was teaching my girlfriend last night how to play Texas Hold 'em. I was surprised that she took right to it, and grasped the order of precidence of the hands pretty quickly, but she's having a little trouble with the concept of betting, mainly a problem with the vocabulary, more than anything else, so we've got to have a few more training sessions before friday, otherwise she'll get totally murdered.

We're not exactly playing for high stakes, £10 each with seven players, so a £70 pot will be nice to take home for someone, but won't put everyone else out of pocket too much. Still, I want to get Fleur up to a fairly decent standard so she's not out of the game within five hands. I've not played competitive poker since I was working at Napoleon's in Sheffield, but I should stand a fairly decent chance, though apparently Martin fancies himself as a bit of a shark. It'll be interesting to see how Martin will fair against an ex-professional, though I'm not used to playing with my own money!!

I absolutely slaughtered Fleur last night, however, within about half a dozen hands, so that's a nice encouragement and since I usually hammer AI's in computer games I know I have a pretty good game. The only potential spanner is not having played against the other people before - but it should be fun, which is the most important thing. I reckon it'll probably come down to between me and Martin, so I think I've got at least an even chance of winning, but we'll see. If you don't get the cards, it doesn't matter how good a player you are. I've seen plenty of shit players walk away with cash in my time just because they had a good run on the deck. So we'll see - but it's nice to be playing poker again. I'd rather play poker than Deus Ex, and that's saying something.

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