Friday, April 11, 2003


Yesterday I got heartily sick of all the CD boxes cluttering up my desk at work, so I bought a huge Caselogic CD folder to store all my disks in. I thought that a 208 slot folder would be ample to hold my CD collection, including the case notes, only to find last night that my entire CD collection only squeezed into the case with 8 slots to spare. So I can only buy another 4 CDs before I need to get another case. Perhaps I should have gone the extra fiver and gone for the 264 slot one after all.

Still, it's nice to have all my CD's at work now, and I'm happily listening to Jerry Goldsmith's Alien soundtrack as I type.

Also, it snowed yesterday morning. Which was nice.

Today is Friday. Which means I can get horribly drunk tonight. Hurrah!

Roll on 5pm.

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