Thursday, April 24, 2003

The Beautiful Game

I'm not a religious follower of football, but I have to admit, I do like watching the odd game. Last night was the second leg of the Champions League Quarter Final between Real Madrid and Manchester United. Now, I'm not fond of Man U, so I was naturally supporting Real. The game, if anything, was even better than the first leg I blogged about a couple of weeks back. It was an absolute corker. It had everything - a hat-trick from Ronaldo, a super-special Beckham free-kick, an own goal (nearly two) missed chances galore and a grandstand finish. The second half was absolutely spellbinding - you couldn't take your eyes off it. If only all matches were played like this - even Fleur might be convinced to watch.

Speaking of beautiful games - I was playing more Deus Ex last night. I didn't fancy going back to Hong Kong, so I thought I'd exploit a bug I've found with one of my save games that allows you to load up a save game, start a new game without quitting, and keep your inventory from the saved game. It only seems to work with one specific saved game I have, but it's bloody handy, particularly combined with the skill point bug that allows you to downgrade your Pistol skill to Untrained at character creation, keep the skill points, and still have Pistol at Trained when you start the game.
You might call that being a filthy cheat - I call it maximising game functionality. Exploiting shoddy coding is fair game as far as I'm concerned. Besides, everyone on State keeps complaining how a multi-billion dollar nano-augmented secret agent should really be able to hit a barn door with a pistol, and be better equipped than just a pistol and a prod. This redresses the balance a bit.

Anyway, back to Liberty Island. I made my first really concerted effort to take the Statue and the surrounding area without fatalities - and it's an extremely rewarding way to play. In my other game, I tried the same thing during the Liberty Island UNATCO escape, and managed to get out of the building only killing Anna (with her killphrase), using the Run Silent aug, tranq darts and the riot prod. It feels good not having all that blood on your hands.

I'll be playing more tonight.

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