Thursday, March 20, 2003

Unstable 2

I think Jamie got the better deal. I attempted to play a bit more Unreal 2 last night, only to be completely stymied by a cutscene that just keeps crashing. I'd only just finished the tippy-tappy spider level, drooled a bit more over Aida during the briefing, and went off to do the living planet level. And I can't get it started. It's all the more annoying since I have to sit through several minutes of Loading - Initializing - Stand By screens to find out if it's going to fall over in the pre-level cutscene. If the patch doesn't fix it, I'm going to be most annoyed. Either that, or I'm going to see if you can use a development code to skip the level, just to get past it.

I'm similarly stuck on a level halfway through Project IGI. Not due to any bugs, just through sheer difficulty. Brilliant game, but fucking hard. I've been trying to beat the Get Priboi mission for about 4 weeks now. I think I'm going to have to resort to using a walkthrough. Since you can't SAVE or CHEAT.

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