Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Society of Sensation

More Planescape Torment. How ironic that a game called Torment is actually one of the most thoroughly absorbing and enjoyable games I've played in years. I spent another couple of hours on this last night, almost entirely in the Sensate Festhall, soaking up the sensations (and the experience points) in the lecture halls and Sensorium.
Was rather taken aback by one of the sensory stones - appropriately called Supernatural Lust - giving you the sensatory experience of deflowering a succubus. The Longing stone where you learn more about your relationship with Deionarra is captivatingly written too - you get totally shook up when you discover just what a bastard your previous incarnation was. I missed that the first time around. It's great to get halfway through a game, replay it and discover so much more the second time around. Planescape just gets better and better - I particularly like just ragging Morte about having no body.

I think I'm going to play this through to completion before I touch Sub Command - or anything else for that matter.

Freedom Folly

This is just fucking stupid.

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