Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Short Thrift

Oh dear. Clare Short has just blown all her credability out of the water. After threatening to resign, she had to back it up, and she's bottled it. Perhaps her principles weren't so high and mighty after all. Robin Cook however, delivered a devestating broadside to Tony Blair, in a speech that got an unprecedented round of applause from Commons MPs. I never thought I'd say this, but well done Robin. The vote tonight in the Commons will probably be a close one, and if Blair loses it, all hell will break loose within government.

If the Commons fails to back action in Iraq, I suspect that British forces will go in anyway following an unprovoked attack on our forces or something equally fatuous. However, since the Conservatives are backing the government, that's pretty unlikely. It would be a pleasant surprise if it went the other way though. I wonder just how many Labour back benchers will rebel.

Bush continues to play the self-defense card, and gave Saddam a 48-hour ultimatum to get out of Iraq. As I predicted, war by the end of the week then. Airstrikes will probably start on friday.

Frosty Reception

In other news, I have the day off today, to take delivery of my new fridge. I sit here with a glass of cognac, typing happily away, in anticipation of a shiny new fridge that won't need the ice box defrosting every week, and of the opportunity to play lots more Planescape Torment and perhaps some Deus Ex after I'm done surfing. And it's even sunny and warm. Life is good, even if the world is going to shit.

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