Friday, March 07, 2003

Rushing headlong, out of control

We took another step closer to World War III yesterday.

US Marines made an unauthorised incursion into the Kuwait-Iraq demilitarised zone to cut three access points in an electric fence to give tanks easy entry into Iraq, and George W. Bush and Tony Blair moved the goalposts yet again, stating that military action is going to happen regardless of support from the UN Security Council. This is whilst experts in International Law state that any pre-emptive attack on Iraq would be illegal.

It's been obvious for months that Bush is desperate to wage war on Iraq, and will do so without clear evidence of Iraq's support of terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda and/or possession of weapons of mass destruction or international support for military action. The claims by The coalition of the willing that not using force against Saddam Hussein to ensure he disarms and that allowing the UN weapons inspectors to do their job constitutes appeasement of Saddam's regime are disingenuous at best.

With US spy satellites, U2 spy planes and E3 AWACS airborne radars monitoring every move on the ground in Iraq, and UN weapons inspectors conducting searches based upon this intelligence for weapons of mass destruction, what threat can Iraq possibly cause? Particularly since they have agreed to dismantle the only rockets capable of delivering biological, chemical or nuclear warheads any significant distance beyond the Iraqi border?

Are we suddenly now saying that the billions of dollars spent by the US and the UK on the Intelligence services no longer provide enough information to safeguard the UK and the US? Are we saying that the border controls and sanctions that have killed 500,000 Iraqi children over the last 10 years can no longer safeguard the West from biological or chemical material leaving Iraq?

Or are Bush and Blair desperately grasping at straws, begging, borrowing and bribing for support for a war of convienience and profiligacy?

How can we honestly enter a war to disarm a country when it was us who were all too willing to provide Hussein with the arms we're disarming when it suited our foreign policy?

How can we claim the moral high ground on weapons of mass destruction when the Pentagon is begging Congress to allow them to build smaller more tactically usable nuclear weapons in violation of the UN non-proliferation charters the US is publically seeking to enforce on Iraq?

And this doesn't even touch on the Palestinian question. Israel has been violating UN resolutions, such as 242, detailing the requirement for Israel to remove settlers and forces from Palestinian lands, for decades. Yet the West isn't threatening Israel with force to tow the UN line. In fact, it's done nothing to prevent Israel violate UN resolutions left right and centre, and treat the Palestinians as if they had no human rights.

By ignoring the real threats to world peace, Israel and North Korea, Bush and Blair are committing political suicide by liberating Iraq's oil from an evil and oppressive regime,... oh sorry, I mean people, and they don't care if they take the rest of us with them.

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