Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The Rotten Heart Of Government

Tony Blair didn't sack Clare Short last night for her comments on his pact of insanity with Bush - which certainly reveals that Blair has totally lost grip of his party, his government and the Iraq situation. The interview with Trevor MacDonald showed that Blair has totally lost the plot regarding public opinion too, and that any pretenses of Prime Ministerial authority have been destroyed. Did he fail to sack Short because he didn't want to create a martyr for the anti-war movement, or because, at heart, he knows that she's right?
Clare Short is without doubt a very capable minister, and her word carries a lot of weight within the civil service. I'll be interested to see if there's further public dissent from high-ranking Labour party members in next week or so.

Kofi Annan finally threw his hand in too - and came up with aces for the anti-war camp - basically saying that if the US and the UK ignore a veto on the second resolution, which everyone predicts they will - despite the fact both Russia and France have said they will veto a second resolution authorising war, then that war would be illegal under international law and would break the UN Charter. Perhaps this will make the American administration take a step back. At least a vote on a second resolution has been delayed until it can be made more palatable to the French and the Russians.

Magnificent Monbiot

At least there's one person called George who talks sense.

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