Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Mother Of All Bombs

The USA demonstrated its moral authority to go on a global crusade to get rid of weapons of mass destruction by testing - yes, you guessed it! - a weapon of mass destruction. A nine and a half tonne Fuel-Air-Explosive bomb. FAE weapons are the closest thing you can get to a nuclear weapon without using plutonium. FAE's are catastrophically powerful weapons that are easily 10 times more devestating than a so-called dumb iron or fragmentation bomb of equivalent weight. This is because they explode above ground, directing their explosive pressure downwards, not outwards from a pinpoint groundburst, like a standard bomb, vastly increasing their area of effect.

The effect of using one of these anywhere near a population centre, let alone *in* one, would be nothing short of calamatous. The USA is making the fallacious assumption that might makes right and abusing it's position as the lone superpower to get whatever the fuck it wants, regardless of the consequences to the rest of the world. From where I'm sitting, it's the disarmament the USA that the UN should be considering, not the disarmament of Iraq.

Bush's administration lacks the responsibility to wield the power it has, and only possesses it thanks to the dubious legality of the result of the Florida State election in 2000.

If one of these weapons gets dropped on an Iraqi city and kills thousands of civilians, will George W. Bush be indicted for war crimes? The words *not*, *bloody* and *likely* spring to mind. Where's a presidential assassin when you need one, eh?

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