Friday, March 28, 2003

Here be Dragons

Back to Baldur's Gate II last night, having finally got past The Underdark, I'm clearing up all the unfinished quests from Chapter Two out before I head back to Athkatla to sort out Bodhi. I took on Firkraag, a rather nasty red dragon in the Umar Hills, and crikey, what a tough battle that was! Both Imoen and Viconia got killed (thankfully ressurrected by Jahiera's Harper's Call) and everyone else took quite a lot of damage, too. Not really worth it for the miserly 64,000 experience points. Still, I'm now the proud owner of a lovely set of Red Dragon Plate, one of the best armours in the game. Shame I don't have a Paladin in my party to take advantage of the Caromsyr, though.

I also sorted out the Shade Lord/Amaunator quest, to get my Ranger's cabin. I tried sorting out the Shadow Dragon too, but he was simply too tough, and immune to most of the magic my spellcasters threw at it. So I reloaded and chickened out of that one. I'll come back when I'm at a slightly higher level, methinks!

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