Sunday, March 09, 2003

The failure of anti-capitalism

Not content with having spent £23,000 on a new car, I've just bought a new fridge. This is because the door on the ice box has broken on my current one, and I can't be arsed defrosting it every two weeks.

So I've succumbed to the evils of consumerism and capitalism yet again. But hey, this fridge is in sexy silver, not your old common garden boring white. Rampant consumerism is okay in my book as long as what you spend your money on looks cool. *coughs*

Had a fairly slow weekend - visiting some friends up in Biggleswade, a small town on the A1 just past Stevenage. Fairly unremarkable place, only notable for ridiculously named towns around it, including the sublimely named Moggerhanger.
The downside of socialising with Fleur's friends on weekends is that she always arranges them on Grand Prix weekends, so that I miss them. Not only that, I missed the Six Nations this weekend too, so I don't even know if my fair Scotland managed to trounce the Welsh. A quick look at BBC Sport tells me that they did. w00t!

Mum won't be pleased - Leeds lost in the FA Cup. Ooops. Rob will be gutted too, he's a Wednesday supporter.

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