Monday, March 17, 2003

Cooking on oil

Robin Cook, bless him, has resigned from Government over it's handling of Iraq, which has surely got to be an embarassment to Tony Blair, whilst not a big setback in itself, as war is going to be declared within days now that plans to table a second resolution have been abandoned. Clare Short will probably follow suit within the next day or two.

The US have ordered UN Weapons Inspectors out of Iraq for their own safety, and signals the imminent commencement of airstrikes against Iraq.

Bush is expected to announce tonight that war will only be avoided if Saddam Hussein flees Iraq, which we all know isn't going to happen. Jack Straw will also make a statement at the Commons tonight along similar lines. Will Blair allow the Commons to vote on whenever UK forces will participate in a unilateralist war on Iraq? I don't think he will - there's too much risk of him losing, and this may have been why Cook walked.

Today is a bad day for freedom and democracy.

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