Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Collateral Damage

After all the friendly fire, the first big instance of collateral damage has finally occurred. This is discounting the attack on a bus near the Syrian border. Also an 'uprising' in Basra, so far unconfirmed by independent sources, convieniently started at UK prime time yesterday, taking the focus off the stalling of the advance on Baghdad, caused by sandstorms. A transparent piece of propaganda? We won't know for sure for another couple of days. Given that journalistic integrity has been thrown out of the window by embedding their reporters with US and UK army units, you can be sure that we are only told what the military and the government wants us to know. I believe we may actually be getting a clearer picture on the situation from the reporters in Baghdad, under the eyes of the Iraqi information ministry. With independent information on the situation extremely hard to come by, given the risk to reporters not embedded with coalition troops, the real story of the war will not come out until it is actually over, and the charge of the war reporting so far being more like Big Brother: Iraq can certainly be justified.

I want to write more, but it's simply too depressing.

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