Friday, March 07, 2003

Blix Blitz

UN Weapons inspectors' report undermines the case for war.

This is getting dangerous now. If America and Britain attack Iraq, as expected, within the next week or two they're going to do it almost certainly without UN backing, and this risks not only making an irrelevance of the UN and the Security Council, but represents the breakdown of International Law and a re-emergence of Imperialism.

The impact upon the Middle East could be catastrophic, and could even enflame the Holy War that Osama Bin Laden tried to incite on 9/11. Either Bush and Blair are blind to the risks of unilateral action against Iraq or they simply don't care. I envisage many consequences of an American-led attack against Iraq, and none of them are pretty. Blair says history will be my judge, but I fear that the judgment has already been made, and Blair lacks the balls to back out of an ill-advised, unwanted and unnecessary war, lest he provoke the wrath of the neo-Imperialist giant he is trailing like a slobbering month old puppy.

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